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Like Father, like Daughter…

Emily Garcia-Pickett grew up around shrimp boats, an inevitable part of life when your family runs a shrimping business. Since 1952, the Garcia family fleet has grown into the largest family-owned shrimping fleet in America with over 40 boats out of Palacios, Texas. After moving to Houston, Emily joined the family business with the creation of a brand new company.


Lil Emma’s Seafood

In 2014, Emily and her husband, David, decided Houston was in need of a shrimp provider who could guarantee a quality product, and thus Lil Emma’s Seafood was born. Our product comes from the Garcia fleet in Palacios, Texas and is the best tasting shrimp you’ll ever have the pleasure of cooking with.

Our mission is to deliver fresh shrimp straight from the gulf to you, without adding any chemicals the product. Our customers deserve the best, and we believe that shrimp is best when caught from the gulf which is why we never offer a farm-raised product. When you buy Lil Emma’s, you can expect to get fresh, never frozen shrimp that will keep you coming back for more.

As Lil Emma’s has grown, we’ve gone from solely selling at Houston-area Farmer’s Markets to selling to commercial buyers as well. Some of our valued commercial buyers include Dish Society and Frank’s Americana Revival, to name a few. Our current goals for the future include being able to expand our reach and offer our product to people all over the state of Texas.

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